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Last Updated on November 22, 2023

Best Bathroom Steps

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Bathroom steps are essential aids that provide a convenient and secure solution for individuals with difficulty accessing higher bathroom fixtures, such as bathtubs or toilets. These steps offer stability and support, making them ideal for individuals with limited mobility or those recovering from surgeries or injuries.

Benefits of Bathroom Steps

Bathroom steps offer several advantages for individuals in need of assistance:

  1. Accessibility: The primary benefit of bathroom steps is improved accessibility. They help individuals overcome height differences and make reaching bathtubs, showers, or toilets, reducing the risk of falls or accidents.
  2. Stability and Support: Bathroom steps are designed to be sturdy and stable, providing a reliable platform for users to stand or sit. They often feature non-slip surfaces and rubberised feet to enhance stability and minimise the risk of slipping.
  3. Adjustable Height: Many bathroom steps come with adjustable height settings, allowing users to customise the step’s elevation based on their specific needs. This feature ensures optimal comfort and usability.
  4. Versatility: Bathroom steps can be used in various bathroom areas, including near the bathtub, shower, or toilet. They can also be utilised in other home parts where additional height assistance is required.

Key Features to Consider

When selecting bathroom steps, consider the following features:

  1. Weight Capacity: Ensure your chosen step can safely support the user’s weight. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications for weight limits.
  2. Non-Slip Surface: Look for bathroom steps with a non-slip surface to provide traction and reduce the risk of slipping, especially when the steps are wet. This feature is crucial for maintaining safety and stability.
  3. Adjustable Height: Opt for steps that offer adjustable height settings to accommodate different users and provide the desired elevation. This allows for customisation based on individual needs and preferences.
  4. Stability and Durability: Check that the bathroom steps are made from sturdy and durable materials to ensure long-lasting use. Look for steps with rubberised feet or grips to prevent movement or sliding during use.
SaleBestseller No. 1
NRS Healthcare M99515 Bathroom Step 10 cm (4 inch) – Slip Resistant
  • NRS Healthcare M99515 Bathroom Step 10 cm (Four Inch) – Slip Resistant
  • Provides a 10 cm (Four Inch) high platform, helps you get in and out of the shower
  • Slip resistant, can also be used around the home
  • Measures: 50 cm (19 ¾ inch) long x 40 cm (16 inch) wide x 10 cm (4 inch) high. Max user weight: 190 kg (30 stone)
  • Rubberised feet prevent the step from slipping
Bestseller No. 2
Wistows Bath Step 10cm Bathroom Shower Slip Resistant Stepping Aid Platform (1)
  • BATH STEP – These reliable steps are the perfect aid for getting in and out the shower and bath safely. With a non-slip platform and rubberised feet on the base you can use them with confidence
  • NON-SLIP MAT – The large, cushioned platform provide a slip-free surface, even when you’ve got wet feet on your way out of the bath. To fit it to your step, simply peel off the backing and stick it into place like a big sticker.
  • STACKABLE – These steps are also safely stackable so you can increase the height if required. Simply remove the mat and 4 plugs from one of your steps, slot the next step on top and you’re ready to go. Each step adds an extra 5cm (2 inches) of height
  • HOME AND AWAY – These Bath Steps are not only great for at home, but are easy to take away with you on holiday to make sure you can relax properly whilst away
  • DIMENSIONS – These Bath steps have a large platform for stepping onto, with the top measuring 50cm x 40cm, allowing plenty of space for both feet. The step is 10cm high, a perfect height for serving as a transition between the floor and the tub. They have a max user weight of 190kg (30 stone)
Bestseller No. 3
Bath Step Slip Resistant Shower Stepping Stool Elevated Bathroom Safety Aid for Handicap Elderly Seniors Entering, Exiting Bathtub Nonslip Heavy Duty Bathtub, Bed, Kitchen
  • SAFELY STEP IN OR OUT OF THE TUB: Safely step in or out of the tub with a slip-resistant bath step. The extra-large platform is perfect for seniors, children and those recovering from injury or surgery.
  • LARGE, NONSLIP PLATFORM: The extra large platform is covered with a nonslip, textured rubber for additional stability and security while stepping in or out of the bathtub. Measuring 16” by 19.5”, the platform provides secure footing for any individual.
  • STABLE 4” STEP: Providing an extra four inches in height, the bath step has low-profile rubber feet to keep the step from sliding on smooth or wet surfaces. The wide, stable base also prevents the step from tipping over for additional security.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Constructed with a durable composite material, the bath step safely supports up to 400 pounds
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: 60 day unconditional guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.
Bestseller No. 4
Rainberg Kids Bathroom Step Stool, Sturdy Step Stool, Anti Slip Stool, Toddlers Stool For Potty Training and use in the Kitchen, White colour with Grey Dots Stool, Easy to Clean and Store. (1)
  • ✅ Lightweight Sturdy Design for added durability and protection.
  • ✅ Non Slip Toddler Foot Step for added aid and usability.
  • ✅ Easy to store and stackabkle design makes it perfect for every day use.
  • ✅ To be used both in Kirtchen or Bathroom , Suitable for Adults and Kids.
  • ✅ Made of sturdy reinforced plastic with grip Dots on the Top for non slip traction.
Bestseller No. 5
NRS Healthcare M11077 Nuvo Adjustable Bath and Household Step
  • NRS Healthcare M11077 Nuvo height adjustable step to help when you step into and out of the bath
  • One Nuvo Adjustable Bath Step (3 sections)
  • Excellent slip resistance, even with wet feet
  • Easy to pick up and easy to clean
  • Maximum user weight: 317kg(50st)

Additional Considerations for Bathroom Steps

  1. Size and Dimensions: Consider the size and dimensions of the bathroom steps to ensure they fit in your space. Consider the available floor area and the height requirements of the fixtures you need assistance with.
  2. Portability: If you require portable bathroom steps for travel or temporary use, look for lightweight, foldable, easy-to-transport and store options.
  3. User Reviews: Read user reviews and ratings before purchasing to gather insights into other customers’ experiences. This can help you make an informed decision based on real-life experiences.


Investing in the right bathroom steps can significantly improve accessibility, safety, and overall well-being for individuals with mobility challenges. You can select steps that best meet your needs by considering the key features and available options. Click on the provided affiliate links to explore the complete range of bathroom steps our trusted partners offer. At Bathroom Helper, we are dedicated to helping you create a bathroom environment that promotes accessibility and comfort. Stay tuned for more informative articles and guides to enhance your bathroom experience.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Bathroom Steps

What are bathroom steps?

Bathroom steps are aids designed to assist individuals with limited mobility in accessing bathroom fixtures and higher surfaces. They provide a stable platform for users to step onto, making it easier to enter showers, bathtubs or reach elevated areas in the bathroom.

Who can benefit from using bathroom steps?

Bathroom steps can benefit individuals with mobility challenges, such as seniors, people with disabilities, or those recovering from injuries or surgeries. They provide support and stability, reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls.

What should I look for when choosing bathroom steps?

When selecting bathroom steps, consider factors such as stability, weight capacity, adjustable height options, non-slip surfaces, and ease of storage. Choosing steps that suit your needs is important and offers a secure and comfortable stepping surface.

Can bathroom steps be used in other areas of the home?

While bathroom steps are primarily designed for bathroom use, they can also be used in other home areas where an elevated surface needs access, such as kitchens or closets.

How do I clean and maintain bathroom steps?

Cleaning and maintenance requirements may vary depending on the material and design of the bathroom steps. It’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and disinfecting. Regularly inspect the steps for any damage and ensure they are kept clean and dry to maintain their integrity and safety.

Are bathroom steps portable?

Many bathroom steps are designed to be lightweight and portable, allowing for easy transport and storage. Some models may feature foldable or collapsible designs for added convenience.

Can bathroom steps support heavy weights?

Bathroom steps come in different weight capacities, so it’s essential to check the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Look for steps that can safely support the weight of the intended user to ensure stability and safety.

Can bathroom steps be adjusted to different heights?

Some bathroom steps offer adjustable height options to accommodate individual needs and preferences. These adjustable steps allow users to customise the height based on their specific requirements.

Are bathroom steps safe to use on wet surfaces?

Many bathroom steps are designed with non-slip surfaces or rubberised grips to provide traction and stability, even on wet surfaces. However, it’s important to exercise caution and ensure the steps are properly positioned and secure before use.

Where can I purchase the best bathroom steps?

The best bathroom steps can be purchased online and in physical stores from various retailers. Additionally, our website provides affiliate links to trusted vendors where you can explore a range of high-quality bathroom steps.

Please note that the answers provided are general guidelines, and it’s recommended to consult the specific product instructions and guidelines for accurate information regarding the bathroom steps you choose.

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