Walk-In Showers

A magnificent bathing experience in the comfort of your own home is possible with a walk-in shower. They’re great for those with mobility issues since they remove the doors and minimise steps in bigger restrooms. To avoid water damage, fixed glass screens are installed on a tiled floor or shower tray. Unlike traditional cubicle showers, there are no doors or hinges on the traps. Walk-in showers are available in various styles to complement your bathroom or personal preferences. If you need help figuring out what you want, look at our guide.

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Walk-In Shower Measurements

Walk-In Shower Measurements

Make sure that the shower area’s doors face a convenient place about the rest of the restrooms.

How Do Walk-In Showers Work?

How Do Walk-In Showers Work?

A shower door is optional, and show designs mean you don’t need a shower door.

Clean A Walk-In Shower

How To Clean A Walk-In Shower

A non-abrasive sponge is required to clean the glass in this method.

Walk-In Shower Prices

Walk-In Shower Prices

Installing walk-in shower screens might be a cost-effective and convenient option.

Walk-In Shower Questions

Walk-In Shower Questions

You may have the advantages of a wet room for a fraction of the cost with a walk-in shower.

Disabled Showers

Disabled Showers

Providing a level-access solution is simple with a disabled person’s wet room.

Last Updated on July 27, 2023

Walk-In Showers Key Points

  • Regarding the design of today’s showers, they’ve experienced significant changes that have resulted in a new system centred on water spraying in a shower enclosure.
  • The modern walk-in shower is great for people who like to shower daily, making it more accessible without opening and closing doors and avoiding steps.
  • A walk-in shower can be very expensive if you opt for all the specifications.
  • In a walk-in shower, there is no bathtub.
  • The price range varies depending on the size and complexity of the shower.
  • You can get a walk-in shower enclosure custom-made to fit your home if you need a unique size.
  • Walk-in shower enclosures are great for people who want to embrace the new modern bathroom style.
  • A walk-in shower should have toughened safety glass. Having toughened safety glass will keep you and your loved ones safe.
  • You can have a shower tray. Shower trays catch the water and drain it away.
  • You can pick everything in your bathroom yourself, from shower heads to frosted glass, the glass thickness.
  • The showering area is the only part that will get wet if designed and made properly.
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Buyers Guide To Walk-In Showers

The best thing to do if you are interested in buying a walk-in shower is to get a quote. This is so that you can get an accurate price for how much it will cost.

How Much Will It Cost To Have A Walk-In Shower?

The price of installing a walk-in shower can be quite high. The price range varies depending on the size and complexity of the shower. Install a vast, unique walk-in shower can cost anywhere from £500 to £5000.

Are Walk-In Showers A Good Idea?

Because there are little to a few areas needed to be cleaned when you have a walk-in shower, it is straightforward to clean. Its surfaces are non-porous and smooth. 

They are also good when wanting to make the bathroom a more accessible place. With trip hazards removed and anti-slip tiles placed, it can make the previous tripping or slipping worries a thought of the past.

What size are walk-in showers?

For walk-in shower proportions, they tend to be sized around 42″ x 60″ for rectangle walk-in showers, and square walk-in showers tend to be approximately 42″ x 42″. However, you can get a custom-made walk-in shower enclosure to fit your home if you need a unique size.

Walk-In Shower Enclosure

Walk-in shower enclosures are great for people who want to embrace the new modern bathroom style. They are easy to maintain and allow easy accessibility.

Do Walk-In Shower Enclosures Need Doors

Walk-in showers do not need doors as the glass panels will stop water from spilling into the bathroom. This makes them great for people with limited mobility.

Are Walk-In Showers The Same As A Wet Room

Walk-in showers aren’t the same as wet rooms. Walk-in showers are closed off by safety glass panels, so the water is contained, whereas wet room showers allow water to go anywhere in the room as there are no partitions. Walk-in showers Mean you don’t have to get your whole bathroom floor wet.

Are walk-in showers hard to keep clean?

Walk-in showers are becoming the new standard in remodelling and are simple, attractive, and easy to locate. This water and stain-resistant surface are very durable. Several walk-in showers include built-in bathtub chairs, shower storage, and soap racks.

Revamping Your Entire Bathroom

Whether you have large or small bathrooms, you want to revamp them to meet your mobility needs. Fill out our form to speak to a professional.

How To Get Walk-In Showers UK

There are several ways to get walk-in showers in the UK:

  • Local Bathroom and Kitchen Showrooms: You can visit your local bathroom and kitchen showrooms to see if they offer walk-in shower installations. They may also provide advice on the best options for your needs.
  • Online Retailers: You can also find walk-in shower options from online retailers. Many of them offer delivery and installation services.
  • Professional Installers: Another option is contacting professional installers specialising in mobility bathroom adaptations. They can provide a range of options for your specific requirements and install the shower for you.
  • Disability and Mobility Equipment Providers: Disability and mobility equipment providers may also offer walk-in showers as part of their product range. These providers can provide advice and installation services as well.

Researching and comparing prices and services is important before choosing a provider for your walk-in shower needs.

What Makes The Best Walk-In Showers UK

The best walk-in showers in the UK have several features that make them stand out:

  • Accessibility: The best walk-in showers are designed for people with mobility issues and provide easy access for entering and exiting the shower.
  • Safety: Walk-in showers should have safety features such as non-slip flooring, grab bars, and a built-in seat for added stability and support.
  • Customisation: The shower should be customisable to fit the specific needs of the user, including the size, layout, and features such as hand-held showerheads and adjustable water pressure.
  • Durability: The materials used in the shower construction should be high-quality and durable to ensure long-term use.
  • Easy to clean: The shower should be easy to clean and maintain to ensure hygiene and prevent the growth of mould and mildew.
  • Aesthetics: The best walk-in showers should also have an attractive design that complements the bathroom’s overall style.

When choosing a walk-in shower, it’s important to consider these factors to ensure you select the best option for your needs.

Does A Walk In Shower Need A Door?

No, a walk-in shower does not need a door. A walk-in shower is designed to provide easy access for people with mobility issues, and the absence of a door can make it easier to enter and exit the shower. Some prefer a shower with a door to prevent water from splashing onto the bathroom floor. Ultimately, a walk-in shower needs a door, depending on personal preference and the user’s needs.

Walk-In Shower FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on Walk-In Shower.

What's The Best Walk-In Shower?

The best walk-in shower is a shower that has been customised to meet your needs. This can be adding handrails and non-slip flooring.

How Much Is A Walk-In Shower?

Depending on the materials, the number of shower heads included, and the design, a walk-in shower may cost anywhere from £5,000 to £20,000.

Is A Walk-In Shower A Good Idea?

You can relax in a walk-in shower since there are no awkward nooks or corners to contend with after a quick wash-off with a moist towel. It is possible that mouldy shower curtains and doors could soon be a thing of the past.

Which Is Better Walk-In Shower Or Wet Room?

Wet room glass screens are adequate to separate open-plan and enclosed rooms, while walk-in showers need shower trays and screens to achieve the same result.

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