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Best Commode Chair

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Commode chairs are versatile and practical aids that provide a convenient and comfortable solution for individuals with difficulty accessing the bathroom. These chairs offer a portable and adjustable option for toileting needs, making them ideal for individuals with limited mobility or those recovering from surgery.

Benefits of Commode Chairs

Commode chairs offer several advantages for individuals in need of toileting assistance:

  1. Accessibility and Independence: Commode chairs provide a safe and accessible toileting option for individuals with difficulty reaching or using traditional toilets. They promote independence and confidence in the bathroom.
  2. Versatility: These chairs can be used as standalone portable toilets or placed over existing toilets, depending on the user’s preference and needs.
  3. Adjustability: Commode chairs often feature adjustable height settings and removable armrests, allowing customisation to accommodate different individuals and provide optimal comfort and support.
  4. Ease of Use and Cleaning: Commode chairs are designed with user convenience, featuring easy-to-clean surfaces, removable pans or buckets for waste collection, and simple assembly and disassembly for cleaning and storage.

Key Features to Consider

When selecting a commode chair, consider the following features:

  1. Size and Weight Capacity: Ensure the chair is appropriately sized and has a weight capacity suitable for the user. It should provide stability and support for a comfortable and secure experience.
  2. Portability: Look for lightweight and foldable commode chairs that are easily transported, making them suitable for travel or use in different home areas.
  3. Comfort and Hygiene: Choose a chair with padded seats, ergonomic designs, and hygienic materials that are comfortable and easy to clean.
  4. Safety Features: Consider commode chairs with non-slip feet, secure locking mechanisms, and sturdy construction to ensure safety during use.
Bestseller No. 1
Derby Basketweave Commode, Toilet Chair for Home or Clinic Use, Bedroom Commode with Bucket in Wicker Chair
  • A wood framed armchair styled commode
  • With woven fibre upholstery
  • Gives support for the hand and forearm when rising from the chair
  • With a handle that is easily removed for emptying and cleaning
  • Flame retardant commode seat
SaleBestseller No. 2
Performance Health Derby Basketweave Chair with Detachable Commode, Attachable Bed Pan for Elderly, Handicapped and Disabled
  • Bedside commode chair has traditional wooden frame with woven fibre upholstery
  • Includes chair, removable seat and plastic bucket with lid and handle
  • Bathroom aid blends into decor and looks like more like a regular chair than a traditional commode
  • Arm width (at top) 20¾ inch (530 mm), seat height 18-1/2 inch (470 mm), seat width 17-1/4 inch (440 mm), depth 17-1/4 inch (440 mm), backrest height 30-1/2 inch (775 mm)
  • Chair arms offer support and aid to help you sit and stand during use
Bestseller No. 3
Ability Superstore Grey Height Adjustable Commode Chair
  • Height adjustable
  • Stackable
  • 5 litre bucket
  • Padded over seat
  • Vinyl welded for hygiene
Bestseller No. 4
NRS Healthcare Contemporary Dovedale Comfort Commode with Padded arms, Back and seat, Blue and White
  • Height Adjustable and flat packed in design
  • High density padded foam comforable arms, backrest, seat and vanity cover
  • Overall minimum height: 778mm (30.6″) Overall maximum height: 878mm (34.6″) Seat height minimum: 426mm (16.8″) Seat height maximum: 526mm (20.7″) Seat width: 509mm (20″) Seat depth: 446mm (17.6″) Seat to top of armrests: 210mm (8.3″) Weight: 10.2kg
  • Maximum User Weight 127kg or 20 stone
  • Wipe Clean Upholstery
Bestseller No. 5
NRS Healthcare Traditional Commode
  • Traditional wooden framed commode
  • Discreet and portable
  • The removable seat conceals a plastic potty and lid with carrying handle
  • The high chair sides provide support to the hands and forearms when rising
  • Maximum user weight 102 kg (16 st)

Additional Considerations for Commode Chairs

  1. Armrests and Backrests: Some commode chairs come with armrests and backrests, providing additional support and comfort for individuals who require extra assistance or extended periods of sitting.
  2. Wheels and Brakes: Consider commode chairs with wheels and brakes, offering increased mobility and stability, particularly for individuals who need assistance with transferring or movement.
  3. Splash Guards and Pans: Look for chairs with splash guards or pans that collect waste effectively, minimising mess and simplifying cleaning.
  4. Height Adjustability: Ensure that the chair can be adjusted to the appropriate height for the user or adapted to fit over existing toilets for added convenience.


Investing in a commode chair is a practical choice to enhance accessibility and convenience in the bathroom. By selecting the right commode chair with suitable features, materials, and adjustability options, you can improve comfort, independence, and overall bathroom experience.

Explore the complete range of commode chairs available from our trusted affiliates by clicking the links provided. We are confident you’ll find the perfect commode chair to meet your needs, style, and budget.

At Bathroom Helper, we are dedicated to helping you create a bathroom that prioritises safety, accessibility, and well-being. Stay tuned for more informative articles and guides to enhance your bathroom experience.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Commode Chair

What is a commode chair?

A commode chair is a portable chair with a hole or opening in the seat that serves as a toilet. It is designed to provide a convenient and accessible toileting solution for individuals with difficulty reaching or using a traditional bathroom toilet.

Who can benefit from using a commode chair?

Commode chairs benefit individuals with limited mobility, seniors, individuals with disabilities, or those recovering from surgeries or injuries. They are particularly useful for individuals with difficulty walking to the bathroom or using standard toilets.

What are the advantages of using a commode chair?

Using a commode chair offers several advantages, including:

  • Convenience: Commode chairs provide a portable and accessible toileting option, allowing individuals to use the bathroom without needing assistance or walking long distances.
  • Safety and stability: They offer a stable and secure seating option with armrests and backrests, reducing the risk of falls and providing support during transfers.
  • Hygiene: Commode chairs are designed with removable containers or buckets that can be easily emptied and cleaned, promoting hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Versatility: They can be used in various settings, including bedrooms, living rooms, or as a bedside commode, providing flexibility and accessibility.

How do I choose the right commode chair?

Consider the following factors when choosing a commode chair:

  • Design and features: Look for a chair with a sturdy frame, comfortable seating, and supportive armrests and backrests. For added comfort, consider features such as adjustable height, detachable containers, and padded seats.
  • Weight capacity: Check the chair’s weight capacity to ensure it can support the user’s weight safely.
  • Size and fit: Consider the chair’s dimensions and ensure it fits in the intended space and provides a comfortable seating area for the user.
  • Portability: If portability is important, choose a lightweight commode chair that is easy to fold or disassemble for transportation or storage.

How do I clean and maintain a commode chair?

Cleaning and maintenance instructions may vary depending on the specific commode chair model. Generally, clean the chair regularly with mild soap and water, and ensure all removable parts, such as the container or bucket, are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Following the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines for the specific chair you choose is important.

Can a commode chair be used over an existing toilet?

Yes, some commode chairs are designed to be placed over an existing toilet, providing additional support and comfort for individuals with difficulty using a standard toilet. These chairs often have removable containers that can be detached when used over a toilet.

Are commode chairs covered by insurance or Medicare?

In some cases, commode chairs may be covered by insurance or Medicare. It’s advisable to consult with your healthcare provider or insurance provider to determine the coverage options and requirements for obtaining a commode chair.

Always consult healthcare professionals or product specialists for personalised recommendations and guidance when selecting and using a commode chair.

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